Friday, August 19, 2011

Free Posts

Over the years I have written a lot of stuff, most of it just bits and pieces. Now that I am committed to a schedule for posting blogs, there will no doubt be some days when I have little to say - I'm out of words. On those days I'll reach back into my archives and pull out something that was salvaged from my past, or partially salvaged. I've done that twice so far, one with a post about Deming and one with a post about the unknown continuation of Jabberwocky (by me).
Jabberwocky Creatures, from Wikipedia

I have written accounts of most of my school years. They may not interest anyone (except me and possibly my children) but since I'm the only one reading this blog (hello? Anyone there? Anyone? ... Anyone at all?) it doesn't really matter, so they are potential grist on those lean days.

This isn't my old schoolhouse in Burnside, MI, but it could be

I won't post any today. Well, except for this. And since it is less than 300 words, it's a good post, by declaration.

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