Thursday, May 3, 2012

The Avengers

The movie "The Avengers" opens here in town tonight, at a midnight showing. How can I talk about anything else in a blog post? I'm too old to go to a midnight showing. You have to buy the tickets early, show up at the theater early, then start watching the movie at midnight. Two hours and twenty minutes later you have to drive home, get a little sleep and then go to work and function. I'm just too old.
I'm totally doing it.
One of my buddies is a Major in the reserves and he isn't going to be in town this weekend. This will be his only chance to see it. (That's my basic excuse.) My other buddy just thought it was a great idea.
We actually bought the tickets Monday and the IMAX screen edition of the midnight showing was already sold out. I just want a good seat in the theater, even though it will be packed. I don't want to sit in the first few rows, where you have to scan left and right to see the entire screen. Ideally I'd like those seats in the front of the riser section. They have more leg room and a rail to put your feet on.
I don't think I can get a drink. There won't be a good time to leave the theater during the show, and my bladder is the size of an acorn now that I'm older. Let's not discuss that further.
I might get popcorn. But then I'll want a drink. Darn it. Dilemma.
Loved the comic. When I was younger and had the money I would buy Spiderman first, then Avengers. I was there for the entire arc of Scarlet Witch and Vision, with the reappearance of Wonder Man. Really, I was so disillusioned with Vision's behavior after Wonder Man returned that I quit buying the series. I probably ran out of money, too.
I've read dozens of articles on the movie. I read a number of interviews with Joss Whedon, the director. If you don't know the name, he's the man responsible for Firefly, Serenity (as well as Buffy and Dollhouse). I'm a fan of the crew of Serenity.
I liked both Hulk movies, though I can agree with some of the negative comments on each. I really liked Iron Man, Iron Man 2, Thor and Captain America. They were all great movies on their own, and perfect build-ups for The Avengers. We don't have much information on Black Widow and Hawkeye, but I have high hopes for both.
I think this might be the biggest single movie opening of all time.
I might get popcorn after all. Maybe a small drink.

Still seeking caffeine

UPDATE: Well, we went. The place was packed. Some costumes. A pretty good Captain America, a very green hulk and one Black Widow who was at least the right shape in her outfit.
Not sure midnight showings are the thing to do for a fifty+ person. A bit on the rowdy side. Glad they let us sit and wait in the theater seats. I wouldn't have been able to stand for the two hours awaiting the start of the movie.
To sum up the movie in one word: AWESOME!
Oh, and I did have a drink. Due to my special theater card I got a free upgrade to a large coke. I only took a few sips. I need the soda more today than last night anyway!

FINAL UPDATE: As of early Monday morning The Avengers brought in $200.3 million - the highest total for a weekend opening ever, eclipsing Harry Potter which had $168 million. Superheroes trump magic.

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