Sunday, October 7, 2012

Meditation: I'll think on it

I've read hundreds of articles on meditation, and they all concur that everyone should meditate. I confess, however, that I'm not too sure what meditation actually is. Most articles agree that it is being still and thinking about nothing. I never thought that was possible.
The other day, feeling badly and very, very tired, Darling gave me a bowl of soup. For a very long time I simply sat at the table and stared at the steam rising from the soup, thinking of … nothing.
Maybe meditating is possible. Amish (pronounced A-mee-sh) Shah wrote a short post on meditating that I can sum up. Maybe it will help you. It might help me.
He says to remember that meditating is easy, and if your thoughts are bouncing everywhere, then relax more and concentrate on what you're feeling. That's easy to say, but my mind bounces like a monkey on a trampoline.
Amish says to meditate every single day. He meditates two hours a day. That seems a lot to me.
Here are his techniques:
1. Focus on breathing - this is the standard breathe in/breathe out that we normally hear about
2. Focus on what you're feeling - sit or lie down and focus on your body, from toes to head. I did this when I was in college when I tried to do self-hypnosis. It did, in fact, help relax me back then. Wonder why I quit?
3. Focus and observe what you're actually doing - he sort of says to step outside your body and watch what you're doing. I don't know if I can do that, but it might be interesting to try.
I'll think on it.


  1. life frustrates,
    stress complicates,
    sleep escapes...
    experts say MEDITATE!
    i contemplate,
    thoughts evacuate..perhaps my mind will levitate.....................
    but wait!.... i deviate...
    unbidden thoughts congregate and
    ...need to exfoliate..
    ....fix the gate...
    ..bills are late..
    ...the barn needs paint....
    MEDITATE??? methinks i cain't!!!

  2. Mary, that's simply too funny...