Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Bundled Books

I'm a fan of the Humble Bumble community. Wait, I mean HumbleBundle. Sorry about that.
The business model is odd but attractive. They advertise that you pay what you want for the bundle, though there is a minimum price (good call, folks). If you pay more than the average payment amount you get a bonus. That's clever, because over time the average keeps going up since people want the bonus material.
I like the model. I'm not extravagant, so I usually bid just a bit more than the average price to get the bonus. (See, that raises the average. Escalation archetype!)
The Humble Bundle people put out loads of good stuff. I started buying software bundles from them a few years ago and still do occasionally. They've branched into books, too and I'm a fan of that.
I don't know if they are related, but there is also a new kid in town - StoryBundle. Since I don't go to the same website, I suspect they aren't related, so it was a little bit of a mind-trick to get me there.
Recently I bought a bundle of books from each site, so look for upcoming book reviews from me, if you're interested.
I won't get the reviews written in time for you to use them to decide to buy the bundles, though. If you even think you might want to read these, a bundle price (set your own!) is a good deal. Nope, I don't get a referral fee! (I should, though.)
Here are the books from StoryBundle. I'll link reviews as I write them.

Frank Herbert: High-Opp

Michael Stackpole: In Hero Years...I'm Dead
David Farland: On My Way to Paradise
Mike Resnick: Santiago
B.V. Larson: Swarm
Kristine Rusch: The Disappeared
Gregory Benford: The Stars in Shroud
Kevin Anderson: Hopscotch 

Here are the books from HumbleBundle.

Peter Beagle: The Last Unicorn
Wil Wheaton: Just a Geek
Cory Doctorow: Little Brother
Cherie Priest: Boneshaker
Robert Wilson: Spin
Lois McMaster Bujold: Shards of Honor 

Catch you soon on the reviews…

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