Thursday, May 1, 2014

Our 2014 Garden

Toss some seeds in the dirt. Add water. Wait a few weeks. Eat loads of fresh food.

Gardening just isn't that simple. We didn't eat loads of fresh food last year from our garden, but we still have hope for this year. In that vein, here's how we're progressing…

Darling was ambitious last year and planted asparagus, a vegetable I was pretty sure I detested. Apparently it takes three years until asparagus matures enough to pick it, which seems like a long time to me, but that is okay. It might die by then.

In fact, over the last few months, I discovered I like asparagus. Who knew?
Asparagus, scraggly tall plants to the left

Our beans and peas are doing well, but I do worry the Houston sunshine will kill the plants before we get a harvest. 

The squash plants are doing great!

Surprisingly, the lettuce is doing very well, but it is early in the year. The Houston sun and heat tends to wilt lettuce as summer roars in.

The cucumbers are doing well, and we have a small watermelon plant, as well as pots of herbs that just love the back yard. I don't  have pictures of everything, but here are a few others.
These might be the sunflowers
Did I mention that Darling planted some broccoli plants?

We also planted potatoes that seem to love growing in the Houston weather. We'll see how they fare as it gets hotter this summer.

Finally, I thought I planted some luffa plants from the seeds of last year's luffa bounty. Turns out, the seeds never germinated. Darling discovered this as she looked at the pots where I put the luffa seeds and saw red roots. We both thought that was odd.

What odd roots you have, Luffa!

Of course it was odd! I forgot (totally forgot) that I also planted radishes in those pots! (I'm a firm believer in crowd planting.) The poor radish is a little misshapen from being crowded with its kin, but that's okay. I was very excited to see this beauty after Darling mailed me a picture.
Our first radish

I didn't get a chance. She ate it for lunch before I got home!

But today she picked THREE more! Aren't they lovely?

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