Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Random thoughts on the first of September

September swept in, surprising me in how quickly it displaced the months of summer.
(I do miss the fall leaves the the sweet smell of the earth as it falls into winter slumber.)

I retired in January. People ask me if I'm bored. No, not yet. In fact, I still have so many things on my list of to-dos and I keep adding to the list. What, for example? Story ideas, game ideas, reading books, taking classes on Udemy...

I wake up some mornings with story ideas. I write them down in my notebook. It's a standard spiral notebook with a hundred pages or so. I usually write on both sides of the page. Since January, the notebook is almost full of ideas and thoughts. I'll need a new notebook in a few weeks. That's okay.

If you don't keep a personal notebook of your ideas and thoughts, you should. Jim Rohn, one of my favorite speakers, recommends it as well. He was the mentor of Tony Robbins. You can catch recordings from both of them on YouTube, and I recommend them.

Sometimes I get a game idea. I came up with another wonderful one the other day. That one came to me in a dream, too. Well, parts of it. Dreams are not a good template for a complete story or a comprehensive game, but they give a good hint.

Darling sits next to me on the couch, playing "Mary, Did You Know" from a link on her Facebook page. (This links to Clay Aiken, the same singer, but isn't the same video.) She enjoys Facebook a lot. I use it to keep track of my relatives, so if you send me a friend request, don't be surprised if I don't accept. Very, very few non-family members are on my Facebook page. Most of those knew my parents and grew up with me.

I take notes in my notebook on what I'm currently reading, watching or studying. After half a year of studying finance information, I've concluded that there are no financial experts. I think when people get a degree in finances, they simply learn the lingo so they can express personal opinions in the right economic jargon.

I'm reading (diligently) Tony Robbins' new book "MONEY Master the Game: 7 Simple Steps to Financial Freedom" and I really like it. Some financial people say he oversimplifies the subject and that the book is full of Tony's brand of personal development information. It is. I think if Tony pulled his development thoughts out of the book it would be a mere hundred pages instead of over SIX HUNDRED PAGES (ouch), but it would lose much of the flavor that Tony Robbins can bring to the subject. I plan to post my notes on the book soon, so keep an eye open.

Just a side note - the guy is six foot seven. Impressive.

So, bored? Not a chance. I don't miss going to work. I do sort of miss the paychecks. The stock market drop last week hurt our finances a bit, but reminded me - I'm just the caretaker. My God owns it all.

So no worries.

Welcome to September.

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