Friday, August 5, 2016

Training Log

So off to the gym again Friday.

Bench Press - 10x145, 10x145

Bicep curls - Inward 20x35, 10x40, 10x45, 10x40, 10x35, Straight 12x35, 12x40, 12x40
Tricep Extension - 10x50,10x60,10x70,10x60,10x50
Tricep Overhead Machine - 10x50,10x55,10x60,10x55,10x50
Tricep Pushdown - 20x140, 12x150, 20x160
Lat Pulldowns - 12x100, 12x100,12x100
Pec Deck - 12x100, 12x100, 12x100
Pec Cable - 10x35, 10x35, 10x35

Seated Leg Press: 45x240
Calf Raises (on Seated Press): 50x240

My muscles were pretty sore, and they are tired now, but it was an okay workout.

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