Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Hunting August Moon - Chapter 28

Chapter 28
Maddie had no idea how long she was unconscious, but the sounds of yelling had been going on for a while, and there didn't seem to be an end to it yet. The handcuffs chaffed her wrists, and she felt something tied around her ankles. At least the floor had soft carpet.
"So I don't see you for months and you bring some floozy into our home? Our home, Sam!" The voice was definitely a woman. Maddie peeked at her from under closed lids.
The woman was pretty, perhaps even beautiful, with shoulder-length brown hair cascading over the white blouse she wore. She was barefoot, appeared slim and athletic - and she glared at Sam with dark oval eyes blazing with fury. As Maddie peeked at her, she pushed Sam and he stumbled backward across the room, almost losing his footing. Maddie closed her eyes again, resisting the urge to chuckle.
"She isn't a floozy." Sam recovered from the push and held both hands up, palms out toward the woman.
"Oh, great! So what? You're planning to replace me now? You've been gone for months, Sam. Months! I have to fend off these goons all the time around here. I defend you when they say you took off for good!" She pointed to Maddie. "And you bring her home the first night?"
"The Doc said he'd watch out for you, Agnes…" Sam moved toward her, his arms open to embrace her.
Agnes moved away from Sam, backing up to the couch. "Oh, right! The Doc made sure someone watched me, Sam. I found a way out of town, by the way, but I didn't leave, Sam. I waited for you. And what do you do? Bring some bimbo back with you…"
Sam shook his head, his eyes pleading. "Agnes. Baby. She's not a bimbo…"
Agnes snorted in a short laugh. "Really? So that's the outfit that passes for classy in the wilderness, some Daisy Duke thing? 'Cuz I'm telling you right now, Sam, I won't be caught dead in shorts that short, no matter what you say. That maid outfit was one thing, but this…" She turned her back on Sam and crossed her arms.
Sam wisely didn't move forward. "Please. Please let me explain."
Agnes walked to a small table and jerked a vase from it. She spun to face Sam."And she was draped over you like butter on popcorn, Sam. So talk fast because I have another vase here and I'm inclined to use it and disappear forever." A low growl emanated from her throat.
"She had this gun thing held against my side…"
Agnes threw the lamp and Sam dodged it. It crashed with a loud noise against the far wall. "A gun thing?" Agnes held a small device out at eye level. "This little clicking thing here, Sam?" She pressed the end of it a few times, a sharp clicking noise coming from it. "I'm not sure what this is for, Sam, but I'm pretty sure it isn't to hurt you. And it wasn't the only thing she was pressing against you, either…"
Sam pulled out a dining chair and collapsed into it. "You're right," he said.
Agnes stared at him. "What?"
Sam's sad face looked at the carpeted floor. "You're right. I handled the entire thing wrong. I shouldn't have kidnapped her. It was a stupid idea."
Agnes nodded, her eyebrows knit together in concentration. "You're right, I'm right. You shouldn't have kidnapped her. You shouldn't have kidnapped any woman."
"And I certainly shouldn't have brought her here," Sam continued.
Agnes moved closer to Sam. "You're right. You shouldn't have."
Sam looked at her. "You're my one and only, Agnes. I still do stupid things sometimes." As Agnes started to frown, Sam raised his hands. "Oh, never that! I wouldn't dream of having anything to do with another woman that way, honey. I needed her as bait to lure the guy the Doc wants. Then the Doc will let us leave."
Agnes moved forward and knelt on the carpet in front of Sam, putting her head on his knees. "You're right, Baby. You shouldn't have done those things, but you're sweet to do them for us."
"That's the only reason I do anything, honey, is for us," Sam said. He leaned down to kiss the top of Agnes's head."No other woman means anything to me."
"Oh, please!" Maddie's voice broke the spell. "That's not what you said last night, Sam."

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