Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Hunting August Moon - Chapter 37

Chapter 37
"So what's the plan?" Fae spoke as close to August's ear as she could reach, sitting on the back of the solar-powered cycle as it rolled down the highway.
August chuckled. "I thought you didn't believe in planning. I thought you only wanted to kick butt."
Fae rolled her eyes. "I'm not stupid, August. I know this is different than a bunch of zombies."
August agreed. "The mundanes will be okay, but the Transformed will be tough…"
"Oh, please. Everyone moves so slow. Even those fast zombies moved slow to me. How much faster is a vampire?" She giggled. "Besides, I'm impervious to harm."
August's voice grew serious. "Because a fast zombie couldn't hurt you doesn't mean nobody else can. You're being a little reckless, Fae."
"Reckless Fae. That's me."
August shook his head. "I'm serious, Fae. I don't know how many Transformed there will be. There might be quite a few like you, too."
Fae paused. "I guess I didn't think of that."
"Can you sense them or something?" August asked.
"Like what? Werewolf radar?" Fae screwed her face up. "I don't know. I doubt it. Maybe I can tell by how they smell or how their hearts beat or something…"
August steered around a hole in the road, the tall buildings of Las Vegas now visible in the distance. "I'm worried because you need more training," he said.
"Yeah, I guess I do." She brightened. "I'm good at throwing rocks, though. I used to bean the nasty dogs that came around our neighborhood. I was a good shot."
"Have you practiced shooting?"
"No. Dad didn't believe in guns. Nancy does, but she says there isn't enough ammo to practice with. She says to get good I have to shoot a lot. She did show me how to shoot, though. I was okay."
"So you can hit the broad side of a barn?" August grinned. "So let's assume that Sam has Maddie for some nefarious purpose, but she's also bait, probably for Jed." August rolled his shoulders, thinking aloud. "It might be worse than that. Sam told Lone Wolf he saw pictures of us, so it might be he wants Lone Wolf. Or me." August sighed and Fae could feel his heart speed up.
"Or both of you," Fae said. "Or he wants Maddie. She is really pretty."
"Sam's note said 'Bring the girl to me at the Bellagio.' That's stupid," observed August.
"Why is that stupid?" asked Fae.
"If you're my boss, you tell me to 'bring the girl' and you don't need to tell me where. How would his boss even know about Maddie? If he did know about Maddie and wanted her, he could have sent more than Sam to get her." August grunted. "No, it's a note written to get someone to go to the Bellagio and walk into a trap."
Fae was quiet for a moment. "So what are we going to do?"
August sighed. "I'm going to the Bellagio and walk into a trap."

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