Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Hunting August Moon - Chapter 40

Chapter 40
"I don't know about this." Annie held the five-foot piece of pipe like an attacking snake.
"Those are the best weapons I could manufacture on short notice. A length of pipe makes a good staff." Maddie wrapped tape around the handle of a shorter piece of pipe as she talked.
Annie's face showed horror. "I've never trained with a staff. Tomás didn't allow us weapons, you know."
"Well, he's an idiot. You can do amazing things with a staff, but the simple technique is hit them hard with the end you aren't holding." Maddie smiled. "If they get too close, push them back with it."
"Some of the guards will have guns. They'll have some ammo, but they won't waste it. The Doc always has at least four people guarding the blood wine shipment. It's the Doc's best way of keeping people in line, since he's the one who knows how to create it." Rosa sighed. "It's amazing what addicts will do to get this stuff."
"We'll try to identify the ones with guns first. Anyone here ever use a sling?" asked Maddie. The other women shook their heads. "Okay, I'm pretty good with a sling, but not great. Jed is much better." Maddie looked determined. "We'll have to charge the guards and get their weapons if we can. We have surprise on our side."
Rosa pointed a finger at Maddie. "Surprise might be hard, mija. This shipment is routine for them, but sometimes local addicts try to steal the wine."
Maddie pursed her lips. "So they'll be a little vigilant. Well, we can plan all we want, but at some time you have to roll the dice. We'll have to be fast."
"Kill them?" Annie asked.
"Would they kill you?" Maddie replied. The women hesitated. "Then, yes, if you have to. I don't care." Maddie paused. "I'd rather they didn't report the theft for a long while, too. If you don't kill them, we have to tie them up."
"You're a little bloodthirsty," Annie said.
"No, just focused," Maddie retorted. "Well, maybe. But it's in a good cause." Maddie looked at the women. "You must have something to fight for - someone to fight for. Fight for your children. Fight for the chance to get to know them and watch them grow up."
Annie shivered, looking at the staff. "I still don't think I can do it."
Maddie crossed her arms, looking at Annie. "Then throw rocks at them after we start fighting."
"I can do that." Annie was close to tears.
Rosa spoke up. "I think I have a better idea."
"Let's hear it," said Maddie.
Maddie smiled as Rosa outlined her plan.
Annie laughed. "Now that I can do."

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