Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Hunting August Moon - Chapter 45

Chapter 45
"Well, that worked much better as a diversion than I planned," said Sam, smiling. He and Agnes trotted away from the sounds of the klaxon alarms echoing around the Bellagio.
Agnes smiled back. "Thank you, Sam. We should have left this place long ago."
Sam's face clouded. "I know, honey, but I wanted that formula. It's the key to the good life, you know." He waved his hand at the buildings around them as they moved down the sidewalk. "And I'll miss this place. It was home for a long time."
"Well, my home is wherever you are, Sam," Agnes responded, a tight note in her voice.
Sam chuckled. "Agnes, honey, that's exactly what I'm sayin'. You're my home now, so we head out of town, get away from this maniac …"
"…and the people that hate you here, Sam?" Agnes smiled, but the words still stung.
Sam sighed. "Yeah, them too. We'll head out to the SanFran Territory. Start over."
"I'm glad you gave up on that formula, Sam. The Doc would never have given it to you." Agnes frowned. "The whole blood wine thing would have been nice to have," she acknowledged, "since it is a high demand product."
"Oh, I didn't give up on it, honey. I finally realized something I should have known all along." Sam slowed his pace. "The car you found is right around the corner," he said.
Agnes reached down and raised the loading dock garage door with little effort. The white Cadillac sparkled in the sunshine coming through the doorway. "I was lucky to find it. I don't know why nobody else ever did, but I'm glad."
"I snuck over here last night and got her running like a top," smiled Sam. "It took a couple hours."
A frown crossed Agnes's face. "While I was locked up," she pouted.
Sam walked over to her and hugged her. "It'll never happen again, Baby. In a few minutes we'll be out of here." He kissed her on the lips, holding her close. After a minute, he stepped back, smiling. "And I have a surprise. I discovered something else here, too." He grinned, running to the warehouse door at the end of the loading dock. "I'll be right back."
Agnes didn't have to wait long for Sam to come back through the door, his right arm wrapped around Gary's shaking shoulders. "It's okay, Gary," he said soothingly. "We'll find another place with ice cream and frozen food."
"Are you sure," sniffled Gary, crocodile tears dropping from his eyes. He wiped his nose on his sleeve.
Agnes walked up to Gary's right side, putting her arm around his left shoulder and squeezing. "Sam will take care of us, Gary," she said, grinning over the top of his head at Sam. "He already told me about a great place where they have lots of frozen food and tons of ice cream." She squeezed his shoulder again. "The SanFran Territory…"
They led Gary to the Cadillac and settled him into the back seat. "Are you sure, Sam?" He looked at the two of them. "What if the Doctor needs me?"
Agnes leaned down and touched her lips to Gary's cheek. His eyes opened wide and he stared at her as she stepped back. "The Doc doesn't need you like we do, Gary," she said. She turned and walked to the passenger side of the car. Sam closed the back door and got behind the wheel.
"Are you sure it will be okay?" stuttered Gary as Sam started the car. "I'm the Doctor's hands…"
"Oh, we're sure, Gary," said Sam smoothly as he pulled out of the garage and headed west. "He has August now, so he'll be as good as new before long." Sam looked at Gary's face in the mirror. "Besides, Gary, you were the Doc's hands for a long time. You know lots of useful things, don't you?"
Gary nodded, staring out the car window. "I do, Sam. I'm very handy. The Doctor said so."
"I'll bet you even know how to make blood wine, don't you, Gary?" Sam smiled widely.
"Sure I do, Sam," said Gary looking at the profile of Agnes in the passenger seat. "I was his hands, you know."
"I know," Sam said. "I forgot for a while, but I remembered." Sam chuckled. "We're going to a great place, Gary."
"With ice cream?" asked Gary.
"Oh, definitely with ice cream." Agnes smiled.

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