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Hunting August Moon - Chapter 48

Chapter 48
Agnes looked around the small house. "But why did we come to LA, Sam? I thought we were going to SanFran," she said to him.
"LA is perfect for now, Agnes. We'll make some plans before we head out." Sam grinned from ear to ear, humming to himself.
Agnes wrapped her arms around Sam and kissed him. "The house is beautiful," she said.
Sam kissed her back then stepped away from her. "That's the beauty of the apocalypse, Baby. Tons of empty houses to choose from. Be careful, though. I hear Hollywood is overrun with zombies," Sam said.
"Hollywood has always been full of zombies, Sam," Agnes chuckled.
Sam rubbed his hands together and turned toward Gary, who sat on the couch eating a large bag of chips. "So, Gary, now that we have a little place set up here, let's talk about the blood wine."
Gary wiped his hands on his shirt, looking sadly at the almost empty bag. "Is this all the chips they had, Sam? I'm starved," he whined.
Agnes sat next to Gary on the couch while Sam paced across the living room. "We'll get more soon, Gary." She patted her on the shoulder. "Can you help us right now? We have to know what supplies we need to make blood wine."
Gary looked at her, his eyes wide behind his glasses. "Okay, Agnes," he agreed.
Sam stopped pacing and stood in front of Gary. "You do know how to make blood wine, right, Gary? You said so."
"Sure, Sam. I was the Doctor's hands, you know," said Gary.
"Right. I know, Gary," said Sam. "So what was the first thing you added to make blood wine?"
Gary's eyebrows knit together. "How much do you want to make, Sam?" Gary asked.
"About a drum full. A fifty-five gallon drum. Can you do that?" he answered.
"Sure. We did that size all the time. The drum has to be clean, really clean. So the first thing is you add twenty gallons of purified water to the drum. Exactly twenty gallons." Gary touched a finger of his hand with the other hand.
"Okay," Sam wrote on a small pad of paper with a ballpoint pen. "Twenty gallons. Clean drum. Got it."
"Then you add thirty gallons of the wine," said Gary, touching his next finger.
"How do you make the wine, Gary?" asked Sam, his impatience starting to show.
Gary looked at him with raised eyebrows, puzzled. "Just like you make any wine, Sam. Yeast and sugar and water and juice and let it ferment for about six weeks. We did that separately. I can show you how if you never made wine, Sam."
Sam moved around the room, thinking aloud. "Okay, we'll do that later. Those things are easy to find, except the yeast, but we can barter with somebody for it." Sam stopped pacing. "No problem. So water and wine. Then what, Gary?" he asked.
"Then we add two and a half gallons of the special stuff, Sam." Gary ticked the item off on his fingers. He looked sharply at Sam. "Exactly two and a half gallons, Sam."
"Right. What is the special stuff, Gary?" asked Sam.
Gary looked at him, perplexed. "The thick purple stuff. We had it in the lab."
Sam stopped pacing and stood very still, looking at Gary. "The. Purple. Stuff." He said each word slowly.
"Do you know how to make the purple stuff, Gary?" asked Agnes, her voice sweet, as her eyes watched Sam carefully.
Gary shook his head. "Oh, no. Only Doctor Davenfeld knows how to do that, Agnes." Gary wrinkled his nose. "It smelled really bad when he made it, but the smell goes away after a while."
Sam stood like a statue in the middle of the room, his eyes unfocused. Agnes smiled and held a hand out to Gary, who rose from the couch. "C'mon, Gary," said Agnes. "Let's leave Sam alone for a while and find some chips or something." They left quietly through the front door.
Sam went and sat by the window of the small house, looking at the setting sun.

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