Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Safari in the Mist - Part 2

A few hours later they stared at the cliff face in front of them, covered with small trees and perilous handholds.

"That is certainly not on the maps." Vic frowned and adjusted his Serengeti™ sunglasses.

BA grinned and rolled his shoulders. "But it is in the book. So far, so good. Let's climb." He looked at his somewhat taller, but slightly thicker brother.

Vic grinned. "It would be nice to have the helicopter for this."

"Too far to get here. The logistics just didn't work out. We were lucky to be able to fly the Cessna to within fifteen miles of this place."

"You landed in the water."

BA grinned. "An ideal spot, as long as the hippos leave it alone. And the lake is on the map, as opposed to this cliff." BA shifted his pack and secured it on his shoulders, looking toward the top of the steep slope. "You up for this?"

"Oh, I'll keep up." Vic rolled his shoulders, then stopped and stared at BA's left leg. "Are those the pants I gave you?"

BA looked at his brother from the corner of his eye. "Yeah. What's the deal?"

"Hold still." Vic was pulling a microfiber cloth from somewhere in his vest pockets. He poured water on it and started wiping the back of BA's left calf.

"Hey!" BA jumped back. "What is going on with you?"

"A stain. Your pants have a stain on the back of the calf."

BA just stared mutely.

Vic grimaced. "It's all right. I think it came out." He started to climb the cliff. "Let's go."

"Been too long in the jungle or something…" muttered BA, as he reached upward for a handhold.


Next part, next Wednesday.

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