Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Safari in the Mist - Part 8

Vic spread his hands. "Kobo, we are Adventurers, that part is true. But we are not normal Adventurers. What we write is considered fiction, since we are not bound by normal timelines. Our Adventures encompass many places and many times. In essence, we are fiction." Vic pointed at BA. "In his case, fiction and legend."

Kobo frowned. "I am not understanding this."

Vic shook his head. "At this point, I can't really explain further. Suffice to say, the secret of your existence would remain in the realm of fiction. When we write of our Adventures, people see fiction, just as when they read Haggard."

Kobo shrugged. "I have your word that you will write fiction. Yet we do not know if your word is enough, and you admit you came seeking treasure, which is a less than noble reason."

In the blink of an eye BA had his right hand tightly around Kobo's throat, holding him firmly against the wall by the doorway, though he had to stretch to do so. Kobo gripped BA's hand with both of his and tried to pry BA's fingers from his throat. Kobo's eyes widened in shock and surprise.

"Listen, Kobo. I'm generally a peaceful fellow, and I'm fairly patient, but if we tell you that nobody will listen to us and that we will keep your secret in the realm of fiction, that should suffice. Don't insult us more than you have."

"BA…" Vic's voice was a whisper.

A heartbeat later BA was back in the middle of the room, sitting as if nothing happened. Kobo rubbed his throat and stared.

"I will think on this." The smile was entirely gone and Kobo's eyes narrowed. He disappeared through the door, which closed behind him.

"I think he was surprised," said Vic, sitting next to his brother. BA grunted.

"I'm tired of this, Vic. It's time we left. Maybe I should have just snapped his neck." He sighed. "The next time that door opens, I'm making a path and we're leaving."

Next part, next Wednesday.

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