Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Safari in the Mist - Part 12

They searched the small room for an hour before sitting to rest again. "I think it might be that stone you mentioned a while ago, the one you said might have moved."

"And how does this knowledge help us, Vic? I don't think I can bash the thing in." BA looked around the cell. "Not without something a bit more substantial than my fist."

Vic reached inside the right side of his vest with his left hand, removing two small packets. "Well, no, BA, if anyone could it would be you, but it needs to be weakened." Vic sliced the packets open with a small knife pulled from his vest pocket and put both packets on the floor, carefully pouring water on them. Each swelled to twice the original size, oozing outward like a small blob of jelly. An acrid smoke rose from the lighter one. Vic sighed and took them and mixed them together rapidly, kneading them in his hands. He took the fistful of putty and jammed it tightly into the crevice next to the identified stone and turned back and rinsed his hands until all the putty was off.

"Explosive, I take it?" BA had his hands in his pockets watching the process.

"Of course. Totally safe as long as they aren't combined. A little sensitive otherwise, and burns a bit, actually." He showed BA his reddened hands.

BA nodded. "Okay. How do we set it off? Pressure explosive?"

"Not really. I mean, mixed wrong it might be, but we can set it off with a small charge." Vic tugged on a button at the bottom of his vest, pulling it off and pressing it into the paste on the wall. Turning the bottom of his vest up, Vic pulled one of the seams off and twisted it into the hole in the button.

"Got a light?" Vic grinned.

BA reached in his cargo pants pocket and a slim lighter appeared. He stepped up to the thick thread and lit it.

"Uh, BA, we should probably move further away…"

They were almost to the far side when the sputtering blue flame licked the edges of the button. The putty made a small popping sound and cracks appeared in the stone.

BA moved the light closer. "That was anticlimactic."

Vic grinned at his brother. "Well, yeah, you never really know. You're the climax. Smash that stone and let's get it out of here."

BA turned to face Vic, brought his right arm forward and slammed the back of his elbow into the cracked stone, which shattered into the darkness beyond. He reached into the hole and found the trigger. They heard a click and the wall opened up into a dark passage leading further downward.

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