Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Safari in the Mist - Part 14

The giant crocodile tried to knock BA down swinging its huge snout toward his legs. A guttural snarl erupting from its throat. BA jumped over the white creature's head, landing heavily onto the back of the crocodile with his knees, roaring. BA slammed both his fists into the middle of the crocodile's back, the sound of breaking bones cracking loudly across the small cavern.

The crocodile hissed, swerving sharply to its left and heading back into the water. BA slipped, stumbling off the crocodile onto the stone near the water's edge. The crocodile's powerful white tail swung toward him.

"NO!" Vic grabbed BA by the collar and pulled him clear, then rolled toward the knife and scooped it up as the crocodile moved deeper into the water, swimming toward the light of the outdoor pool.

"BA!" Vic tossed the long knife to his red-haired brother and ran to a corner of the cave, tearing a thick bone from one of the rotted corpses, the bone shattering on both ends as he pulled it loose. BA snatched the knife out of the air and ran to the edge of the water, quickly wading into the pool and diving toward the disappearing reptile. Vic dove in close behind him, the sharp white bone held in his hand.

In the water the white monster was in its element, an ancient leviathan of destruction. It turned back toward the von Crapp brothers, yellow eyes sparkling. In the crystal clear water visibility was perfect, for both the beast and the brothers. Vic von Crapp later swore that he saw the creature smile in anticipation of its juicy meals.

Vic von Crapp was trained to fight, born a warrior and not easy prey. But BA von Crapp was more than that; he was born a force of nature.

The jaws of the white monster opened and it turned to grasp BA by the waist, intending to drag him to the bottom of the pool and drown him. BA grinned at the beast as they moved closer together. For the first time in its decades of existence the crocodile felt fear.

BA twisted and reached forward with his massive arms. With his right hand he grabbed the crocodile's snout and twisted, the sound of tearing muscles and tendons vibrating through the water. BA's left hand, holding the dagger, thrust deep into the crocodile's open mouth and he drove the dagger to the hilt into the soft tissues of its upper palate, far behind the tongue, targeting the brain.

The behemoth had a small brain, however, and didn't know immediately that it was dead. It tried to twist and free itself from the vise that held its upper jaw as the light dimmed in its eyes. Suddenly one of the yellow eyes exploded into a mass of blood and gore, the sharpened end of a white bone sticking from it. The other eye closed and the beast struggled no more.

BA and Vic dragged themselves out of the water, BA towing the corpse of the white crocodile behind him. "Well," he gasped, grinning broadly, "that was fun." He laughed and slapped his brother on the shoulder. "I mean, really fun!"

Vic grinned back. "Yes, I knew you'd like that. Now why don't we head out of here."

"Give me a minute, Vic. There's something I want to do first."

Next part, next Wednesday.

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