Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Safari in the Mist - Part 16

"There are nine of us here." Kobo waved his free hand toward his warriors.

"A few new ones, I notice. Nice looking fellow there, for instance. A bit short." BA pointed toward one warrior, younger than the rest and a few inches shorter than Kobo.

Vic spoke up. "He looks a bit like you, Kobo."

"My eldest son, Nolo, of whom I am very proud. He is not only a warrior, he is a great scholar and speaks many languages. His English is much better than mine." Kobo puffed out his chest. "I am the best among the city, except for him."

Vic smiled at the young man. "Let me be perfectly clear. We don't want to fight you. We simply, at this point, desire to leave your city. If we write about it, the stories will be fiction, so you face no danger from us."

Kobo frowned at the two shorter men. "This I would be happy to do, Vic von Crapp. The Council of Elders desires that you must die, and I must do as they say, as must my warriors."

BA grinned at him. "Too bad. I don't want to kill any of you, especially your boy there." He pointed at the six foot tall young man, who looked shaken.

Vic rolled his eyes. "Please, BA. Don't kill them." He looked at Kobo. "Please don't make us do this. You're entirely unprepared for this fight."

Kobo started to speak and BA interrupted him. Looking at Kobo's son, BA growled. "Look, kid. Let me give you a free lesson in fighting." He gestured at the giant warriors and their spears. "The spears are great for some types of fighting, but not for just two guys. They're too large and there are too many of you." He looked at the young man. "You getting this, Nolo?"

Nolo nodded, a nervous look on his face. "I hear you well, BA von Crapp."

BA nodded. "Good. Then pay attention… That man grips his spear too tightly." BA pointed to the warrior on the left side of the group. "Now if I were going to kill you all, I would start with him and twist the spear from his hand. I might break his thumb, but it wouldn't matter, because I'd swing the spear in an arc and crush his head with the shaft while I cut the throat of the man next to him using the point." Nolo looked at the men, puzzled. Kobo started to signal his men to change their positions. BA sighed. "It takes too long to explain…"

BA charged the man he pointed at, yanking the spear from his hand. The man yelled as his thumb gave way and the other men started to bring their spears down and point them at BA. BA twirled the spear above his head, hitting the first man in the back of the head and slamming the shaft into the forehead of the second man. They both started to drop, unconscious.

BA swept the spear downward, knocking the feet of the third man out from under him. BA continued to twirl the spear and hit the fourth man behind the head, then reversed the spear and hit the falling man between the eyes.

BA moved back to where he stood before, the spear held lightly in his right hand, the shaft touching the dirt. The two warriors on the left were both unconscious. Vic von Crapp stood next to BA, twirling a spear in a rapid pattern in front of himself.

"Quit showing off," BA growled to Vic.

Vic leveled the spear point at Kobo, whose face registered surprise.

BA smiled at Nolo. "That's what I was trying to explain." He shrugged. "Of course, it's harder not to kill them, but…" he looked at Vic. "I've had practice." He motioned to the two fallen men on the left. "Oh, and never take your eye off an enemy. You watched me the entire time while Vic took those two down."

Nolo stood like a statue, staring at the von Crapp brothers. "I understand the lesson, BA von Crapp. I now question whether I will be allowed to use this knowledge in my future."

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