Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Safari in the Mist - Part 18

How they survived is really no mystery, since Vic and BA von Crapp are hard to kill. It involved spear points driven into sheer ice and a slowed descent to the bottom of the crevasse. It also involved finding a shattered skeleton with fragments of a hide bag and dozens of blue and red gems.

Weeks later the brothers were sitting in their castle in the land known only to them. Both were comfortably seated in oversize leather chairs, BA reading a paperback and Vic writing in a small, leather-bound book.

Vic put his book down and picked up a mug of Earl Grey. "Well, brother, that was quite the adventure. Quite fortunate that we had a chance to search the bottom of the crevasse for the gems left by that old priest in Haggard's novel."

BA didn't even look up from his book. "Even better that we found the gems, I'd say!" He put the book down and picked up his mug of Earl Grey tea. "Everything considered, we did quite well on that adventure, Vic. We even managed a profit on the stain-resistant clothing business."

Vic sipped from his own mug. "Just had to change the advertising a bit." He looked over the top of his mug at BA. "Perhaps we should celebrate with a trip somewhere quiet and entertaining."

BA grinned. "The annual Running of the Bulls in Pamplona is coming up again in July." He put his feet up on the ottoman in front of his chair.

Vic laughed. "Perfect. And," he pointed at the new white crocodile skin boots on BA's feet, "I really like your new boots."

"He was big enough to make two pairs of boots and a couple nice hat bands. Your boots are upstairs." BA grinned. "Along with your shares in the new company."

"What new company?"

BA reached to the floor on the opposite side of his chair and lifted a small clay flask. "Our new stain removal company. I had the lab boys analyze the composition of the old lady's stain remover and we can now go into full production."

Vic laughed, grinning at BA. "And you tested the stain remover."

"Thoroughly," said BA, laughing. "I even used a load of crap."


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