Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Prime Number Days

Being neglectful of my blog has bothered me somewhat. Not as much as it might, considering I have other things on my plate, but enough that I’ve decided I need a blogging schedule and should stick to it. Therefore, after much consideration and rumination, I will make a post on every day of the month that is a prime number.

Not counting the number 1, since by definition, one isn’t a prime number. This will force me to make numerous posts at the beginning of the month, when, supposedly, I have more energy. This is a total fallacy, since the beginning and end of months have little meaning to me anymore.

However, one must make some sort of schedule, and this is it, by personal decree.

Today is the second, therefore a prime number, hence a post.

My workplace has had a thirty-day challenge for physical fitness. Not being the most physically of the fit, I did finish a bit over my goal of five thousand steps a day. That isn’t much, and for younger people out there it is entirely laughable, but it is an accomplishment and qualifies me for the company prizes. I want to win the lounge chair.

Most of the “steps” were converted from riding my bike. I don’t ride far, and I don’t ride fast, but I do ride, as long as the temperature is less than 95 degrees F when I get home from work. Which rules today out. If I don’t ride when I get home, I usually get busy and don’t ride at all.

Our company was approved as an Apple Developer last week. That was cool. So UNDEFINED LOGIC, LLC is functional. We have an APP ready to go, and I cannot get the certificates and authorities and the stars and moon and sun to align so that I can submit the stupid program! I didn’t sign up to do the business end of this operation – I wanted to learn to code so that I could implement my ideas. However there are only three of us working for the company and I am the one who got stuck with it. Once I get the first one submitted it should be easier and I can go back to learning how to do the coding.

One other minor note and I’m done for the first of the Primes. Things are tight in the Aerospace world. Apparently they are worse than I originally thought.

A NASA automatic system notification email was distributed to some employees with the subject line:  “ATTENTION: Your identity will expire in 60 days.”  All employees are to disregard this notification.  No action is required.

So now even our identities are at risk!

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