Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Well, it's a prime, but not prime time for Apple submissions ...

I am struggling with our APP submission to Apple. Let me back up.

A few months back my buddy Rex and I, along with Darling, decided to venture into the crazy world of application programming. We had an idea that seemed like it would be good - we still have that idea - but it was beyond our meagre programming abilities at that point. 

Nevertheless, we came up with a project that uses only a fraction of the capabilities of the iPhone but allowed us to step in and program. We based it on a spreadsheet I wrote years ago.

The spreadsheet generates random technical sentences. Every engineer I worked with thought they were funny. Expanding on that idea we created Techno-Jargon. Mathematically it has over 100 MILLION unique sentences it can generate. We have a list of 102 adverbs, 103 subject phrases, 100 verbs and 100 object phrases. So do the math. In practice, though, the adverbs only add a bit of flavor to the phrase. The verb can make it funny, but there are quite a few verbal variations that are similar. Still, the subject and object phrases are hilarious, so there are at least 10,000 sentences with some substance. Some even make sense.

My daughter Elizabeth provided all the adverbs, verbs and phrases, using the Systems Engineering pages on the internet as fodder.

Nonsensical or not, the sentences take some head-scratching to figure out.

o When successful, the precedent set by the company's employees perpetuates the total system rationale.
o Predictably, organizational process standardization fully comprehends the emulation of essential characteristics previously noted.
o In case of unforeseen consequences, the intensification of testing methods detects the philosophy of commonality and standardization.

I took those directly from the company website at

So here was the project plan, simplified version:
Concurrently A) write the program and B) make an official company (Undefined Logic, LLC).
Get a bank account. 
Get authorized by Apple. 

By then we had two apps done and a third in work, though that was mostly due to Rex's persistence. I was busy doing Apple stuff and web pages and Darling (President Darling, actually) was handling the bank stuff.

Last Friday Apple approved us as developers and I thought we could have the first app submitted by Saturday. What with code-signing and certificates, etc, etc, etc I am not able to get the thing to Apple. So now I am recoding it in the new version XCode 4.02 and hoping I can get all the certifications lined up. 

This isn't what I wanted to do - I wanted to learn the coding, but I guess there's paperwork in every task, and that's what is bogging me down.

I'll stop now; I have an error in the code, even though it is almost a direct copy. Wait, that's technical. I guess I do get to code! 

<Update: I did figure out the technical problem. The code needed to have a Framework added to it - something Rex figured out in the first working iteration. The program is now completely rebuilt and functional once again. I still have errors submitting to Apple!>

<Update again at 11:30 PM. I just need long stretches of quiet, I guess. All issues are resolved, app is uploaded and Waiting for Review! Thank you, Good Lord, for watching out over me. 
It should be easier next time, but the process was so convoluted this time, I'm not sure what I did right and what I did wrong! I need a better process flow! 
At least all my Debug and Release codesigns are finally good!>

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