Friday, November 11, 2011

Call it Digital Day

Today is 11/11/11. As my daughter pointed out, that's three prime numbers, so today is worth three posts. The  logic is a bit flawed, though. I can get three prime numbers again on any of the remaining prime days this month. Not all will get three posts.
More importantly, today is Digital Day. This won’t happen again for the rest of the century. I don’t know whether that’s significant or not, but it is fun.
Eleven is a pretty cool number (but not as cool as three, I think). Apparently it is the number for chaos, which I had to go look up.
Base 20?
Why did we decide on Base 10 for our number system? Most teachers told me that it is because we have ten digits. I have twenty, if I count my toes. You can’t count your toes, they said. Okay, then why do I use both hands? Why don’t we use Base 5 for our number system?
I spent a lot of quiet time pondering the wisdom of that question. I have no resolution.
Binary is just about perfect though. Most switches and charges have one of two states. That’s binary. Many creatures on Earth are binary, with a lateral left and right half. Two eyes, two ears, two arms, etc. You get the idea. Binary is good.
And that makes today three times as good. Even if it does mean three times as much chaos.
That’s okay. It won’t come again for a long, long time.

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