Friday, November 4, 2011

Two-Squared Bonus Post - but few words!

A few posts ago I mentioned some drawings I did a decade ago. This doesn't really qualify as a post, then, since all I plan to do is put some of those scanned, cropped drawings here.


Found this one scratched into the edges of the notebook where I drew for John. I think I drew it because my Mom and I talked about horses, but I never continued. The nostrils are funny, but I really liked the eye.

I really liked drawing spiders for some reason.

Oh, yeah. This was my first color drawing. We saw Lion King at the movies and John really wanted one of these.

He wanted a zebra, too, but the best I could find was this picture of a zebra colt. I put the letter "J" in the stripes.

 I worked for a long time one night on this one, going to bed after everyone else was asleep. It isn't as nice as the original, of course, but it was my first try at blending the pencil to shade the drawing.

Using the instructions in a drawing book for dinosaur pictures I drew a few dinosaurs for John. This was my favorite. I guess it was right after I drew Scar, since I was brave enough to try coloring also.

 I drew this one from the back of an old nickel.
Not really. It was in the same animal book as some of the other pictures. I used some blending on this one, too, and might have even used a real drawing pencil instead of a #2 school pencil.

 There were more animals in the same book, and I tried to draw a few of them.

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