Friday, May 11, 2012

Jet Lag

Some days I'm just tired. Today is one of those days. I have nothing enlightening to impart, no snappy patter, no amazing movie review.
Not the most revealing
Darling had surgery yesterday. Doctor Villa said it went really well. Since he is a wonderful plastic surgeon I expect Darling now has the breasts of a twenty-two year old Greta Garbo. I expect nothing less.
Darling did come home with a drain tube on each side. It isn't the same shock as the first surgery and the drainage amounts are much less. Still, I am hoping that she will wait until next Thursday's appointment and let the nurse take the tubes out rather than do it herself. Once was enough for me. She's in a lot if pain but she's home.
I'm not. She sent me home last night to get some rest. A storm came through at three in the morning and it was almost as if Ike had returned to visit us. I tossed and turned. I don't sleep well without Darling anyway and that just made it worse.
I am sitting in the airport typing my blog post on my phone. I thought of bringing my iPad but I don't use luggage for an overnight trip and, as light as it is, it becomes cumbersome after a few hours. I discovered that yesterday as I did a light trial run on carrying all my tech tools at MDAnderson waiting for Darling's surgery to finish up.
So my phone, a change of clothes, toiletries - all in one of the myriad pockets of my Scotte Vest. It's a tad weighted down but not too bad. Oh, and L’s graduation present which is smaller than a bread box, sparkles in the sun, and doesn't eat.
They just announced my flight will be more than an hour late arriving here. Oh boy. It hasn't even lifted from the Dallas airport yet.
I wish I was a better traveler. Still it can't be as rough as the return trip from Africa last year.
(I had to do the formatting and picture inserts after I came back home - and got some rest. There’s a continuation and a few updates to this post. Coming soon...)

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