Wednesday, May 30, 2012


It's been a busy few weeks. First of all, Darling's surgery and recovery. Rough stuff. We muddle through. As our Youngest Son says, though, she doesn't really give herself time to heal, but launches forward into numerous tasks around the houses.
Which brings me to the second point. Note that I said "houses" and you now know we are moving. We've lived in this same, wonderful house for almost eleven years, though we didn't move into the master bedroom until a year ago. It's a beautiful home in many ways but it's just too big for us. We want to reduce our bills, our taxes and our insurance, so we're moving to something (quite a bit) smaller. This means packing, packing, packing. Then moving. Then unpacking, unpacking, hey - we brought too much stuff. I have no illusions that we will pare what we have enough before we transfer it. I hope we do so after we move it all.
The new place has a study, though. That's cool.
Before we move there are a lot of things that need to be fixed at the new place. AND back to the first point. Darling is busy managing a gaggle - a crowd - a conclave - a passle of subcontractors and potential subcontractors. We have some floors to do, some tile work, some painting, some plumbing, some fixing, closets to remodel, doors that need replaced, ceiling fans installed, shower heads put in. The list is long. The closet thing is going to be a problem.
It doesn't look like the pool table goes with us, so I guess we sell that. I think Darling is sad, but she doesn't like any of my other options.
On top of that, our Youngest Son graduates from High School this coming Friday, June 1, 2012 (let's make sure we hard code the date in there). He's off to college in the fall. That's assuming he can pry himself out of the world of Diablo 3...
Our Youngest Daughter just recently graduated from college. She's going back in the fall.
So things are a bit hectic, my blog posts suffer, and I seem to be perpetually tired lately.

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