Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day

Our pics coming soon

Happy Mother's Day to all mothers out there. May your children heap well-deserved praise on you this day and continue to be a joy to you in the years to come!
There is so much to cover that I probably won’t get it all in this post. That’s okay. I’ll need something for the seventeenth, which is when I'll post the travel story. Come back then. It's a good one.
Darling is doing okay after the (final) surgery.
She has amnesia. She does not recall her brother at the hospital on Thursday. That's okay. She was out of it and they were giving her pretty strong medications. She only vaguely remembers him bringing her home of Friday. That's odd, but perhaps residual medication is the explanation and no cause for consternation.
Apparently Saturday is a bit of a blur for her, too. I wasn't here, but she had friends with her the entire time, so she was okay. Where I was and how that went is the next blog post.
She thinks she is doing okay. She tends to skip her pain medications unless I insist, which I do. Here's the bit I find a tad disturbing.
She doesn't really recall much of Sunday. I got up early, as did she. I got ready for church, helped her with her shower and all that stuff. I didn't realize she was planning to go to church although our youngest son did. He and I have a morning church routine. Since he prefers a different church than my home church, we go to the early service together. It starts at 8:15, but we usually run a little late. We ran late Sunday, but we were there before the sermon - I mean message. Is it the same thing in non-Catholic churches? After all these decades, you'd think I'd know... I digress.
We also stop at McDonald's to get breakfast on the way home. I won't say that's my favorite part, but it is a nice way to round out the morning. This time I mention to him "We'll just pick up an Egg McMuffin for Mom."
He responds, "It'll be cold by the time she gets back from church."
"She's not going to church!"
"She was dressed like she was going to church. She was getting ready to go to church."
I gulp. "Call and make sure I should get her a McMuffin."
She didn't go to church, so she got a sandwich for breakfast. Here's the funny thing. Darling thinks she didn't go because I woke her up too late to go to church. Huh?
Her daughters came over for lunch on Mother's Day. Fortunately we had a lasagna in the freezer and I can cook those, or it might have been slim pickings. They brought flowers and some vegetables. They stayed until about five, although Son-in-law had to leave a bit early to run an errand. They watched some movies. Darling remembers that they came for lunch and brought flowers and a cute card and stayed a little while.
I went and took a nap after talking to L where we talked about graduation and how tired she was.
Darling took the two tubes out - by herself, as I was taking a nap. Oy!
I don't know if her daughters noticed the tubes were gone. My oldest son called in the evening and wished her a Happy Mother's Day, but she was exhausted and pretty much asleep on the couch at that point.

So Happy Mother's Day to all mothers out there. I hope it was a good one - and I hope you remember it.

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