Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Updates for May 8, 2012

Sometimes I don't have much to say, so a blog post seems like a waste of time. I mean, does anyone really care how things are going with me?
That's not a fair question, but there it is anyway. We all feel that way sometimes.
Breakfast of Chumpions
This is a tough week. I decided to drop by Mickey D's on the way to work and pick up a Numero Dos breakfast, large Coke. They gave me a stack of napkins. They must have watched me eat at some point. Y'know, the hash browns from that place absolutely soak the napkins with grease. If I was a healthy-type person I wouldn't even eat them.
I will though. And … loving it.
As I was leaving Mickey D's I made a left turn right after a big truck and almost moved directly to the far right lane. Good thing I didn't. There was this really nice car there that might have objected.
It is a stress-filled week. I can't do anything without thinking about Friday Thursday (just informed that they changed the day, or we had it wrong) and Darling's (final) surgery for the breast cancer. This one is to finish the reconstruction, with just a few tweaks in the future. It was scheduled for March and Darling got sick, so it got rescheduled for July, which seemed a long way away. At some point MDAnderson called and said they had a cancellation for Friday, May 11, Thursday, May 10, so there it is.
Turns out, our youngest daughter graduates from Abilene Christian University on Saturday, May 12. Normally that's a bit over a seven hour drive. Darling will not be able to go and I have no plans to drive myself. I'm not a good driver.
So when I found out about the schedule conflict I bought a plane ticket and got a car and a room. Darling insisted she would be fine and I must go. I want to go. I want to stay. Right now I just want the week to be over. (And I'm blessed that the day is changed. It should be more manageable.)
I couldn't get a room at my normal motel. It was already booked for the weekend. I'm staying at a different motel and don't have a clue where it is, but it isn't too far from the University. Well, in Abilene nothing is too far from the University. Not really.
So my youngest daughter graduates from college. I do have a present for her, but I can't say what it is. She is my only regular reader. I hope she likes it though. I've been saving it for a while. And, no, it isn't a pony.
Then there's a bit of stress over our youngest son graduating from high school. He's done with it all mentally. I just need him to buck up and get through the last few weeks.
I'm proud of him.
He has the gift or prophecy, which I had to explain is as much a burden as a gift. That doesn't mean he is a Prophet and doesn't mean he can see the future. It means that he will often receive divine insight about what is written in the Bible, inspired insights into the lives of those around him. He will often get irate over the injustices perpetrated by people and the wrongs they (seemingly) get away with. Sometimes he will receive instructions to do God's work and he won't be given any good reason. That last one is the tricky one.
He felt he had to ask an isolated young man at school to sit with him and his friends during lunch. Apparently it was a strong enough impression that it really bothered him. Actually, when he told us about it was when I was pretty sure he had the gift of prophecy. So he did ask the young man to sit with him and his buddies.
The guy refused. That wasn't what my son expected.
What he wants is for his actions to make a difference. What I had to explain was that the obedience did make a difference, but he might never see it. Then again, he might. We never really know.
That's my rumbling for today, and my posts will be irregular again until things calm down at the house.
Oh, and there's the house thing: the finding, the buying, the moving.
And Mother's Day coming up, right after the trip and right after the surgery. Darling better find some flowers, that's all I can say.
Just one more thing.
This too shall pass.

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