Friday, July 20, 2012

Craigslist - Bonus Post

We're working on the remaining items in the old house. Darling decided to have the long-postponed garage sale.
Garage (still with carpet)

I posted the sale on Craigslist.
Darling's best friend D put the freezer on Craigslist and it sold in a couple days.
Encouraged by how well that worked I put the used carpet rolls on the list as well, for free, hoping someone would come haul them away.
All ready in the Living Room
Nobody called. I was disappointed. Guess this stuff didn't work as well as I thought.
Well, it does, but I suffered from that common error on the computer, the one between the chair and the keyboard. I only thought I posted it. Once I figured out my error Darling got more calls for the carpet than she could handle. The guy she told to come get it never showed up, though.
Anyway, I posted the moving/garage sale and it got her quite a few customers. I didn't take any pictures of the house after the first day, but Darling was exhausted last night. After a few calls to the house (in the evening!) asking about lawn mowers I decided to change the posting a little. It now reads:

Date: 2012-07-18, 2:07PM CDT
Reply to: your anonymous craigslist address will appear here
HUGE Moving/GARAGE sale. Literally hundreds of items and it all must go, so you'll get rock bottom prices. Selection ranges from vintage collectibles to lots and lots of milk glass, tools, craft items like doll pieces and jewelry-crafting parts. Games, books, toys, clothes, vintage purses and shoes and clothing.
NO LAWN MOWERS! good grief, what is it with everyone and wanting a stupid lawn mower? We don't have one! Most of you have teeny-tiny little yards that only take a pair of shears or a little weed-eater anyway, so go buy a goat. That's the natural way to keep your grass short. And, NO, we don't have a goat either.

Darling made a few hundred dollars her first day (just about enough to pay to fix the car; it's always something, isn't it?). I guess she was right. It's a good thing to do. We'll see how things look after Saturday and her sale ends.
The kitchen
The formal dining room (with our pool table) was also full of stuff, but the picture was really bad. You get the idea.


  1. wish I lived closer, looks like you've got lots of good stuff to sell! but I have too much "stuff" A twist to your NO LAWNMOWERS ad, few years ago I helped Penny with a garage sale, we put an ad in the local paper and put up big signs but customers were few and far between, I drove her almost new John Deere riding lawnmower out front next to the garage sale sign put a small SOLD sign on the seat and within 10 minutes we had a yard full of men checking out the "sold" mower while their wives bought our other stuff....didn't know if you have heard, Aunt Janice had double bypass surgery on Friday, she's home now and doing well....Mary

  2. Looks spiffy. I want a goat now. :P

    Off to play tennis with John. Hope everything sells!


  3. No goats!

    I should have borrowed Penny's John Deere though.