Monday, July 2, 2012

New Residence

One of Darling's crews finished the floors. Another contractor put blinds on the windows. Another crew finished the painting. Darling's wonderful brother fixed the plumbing (he is just an all-around handy-man). Fruit trees were planted in the back yard, two grapefruit trees, two tangerine trees, two flowering peach trees and one avocado tree. A new oak tree was planted in the front to replace the erased one, though the new one went on the other side of the driveway. We now comply with the HOA.
Darling hired two guys, Juan and JD, to move boxes on Wednesday, June 27. Darling's fantastic brother showed up to help. Juan had a flat bed for his landscaping business, and he is a strong man. Yes, this is the same guy who planted the half-dozen trees in the back yard for Darling. JD didn't say much to me, just kept moving boxes. Sadly, the new house got pretty full with all the boxes, and the old house didn't look much emptier.
That changed Thursday. Of our three movers, Ryan was the team lead, backed by Jeremy, both with over ten years of experience apiece. The youngest member was Jordan, age twenty-two, with two years of experience. Ryan was taller, lean and strong. Jeremy was stout, with massive calf muscles and tree-like arms. Jordan was young and wiry. We gave them the overview and they went to work. At one point I apologized and said I forgot we needed to move the stuff from the attic. There was a lot more in there than I remembered.
As they neared completion I mentioned to Jeremy that we had a couple safes that needed to move. Again, I apologized for not recalling the existence of the safes. He went a little pale until I showed him the safes. He laughed, said he thought I meant a real safe, like a gun safe. Then he hoisted the first to his shoulder and carried it out to the moving van. Jordan told us how the guys on Warehouse Wars just use a chisel and ice pick to knock the hinges off safes like these. As Jeremy carted the second one to the van I mentioned that I didn't feel too secure with those safes any more. We could bolt them to the floor, they said. They'll just chisel off the hinges I replied. Obviously they weren't filled with gold. That might be a solution.
By noon they were done loading. By about four-thirty they were done unloading, and our new house had furniture.
Thursday, June 28th we were officially in residence at the new house, although only because that's where the bed was. This new house, our new domicile, is still filled with boxes.
So is the old house.


  1. Ah, yes, the tote-your-safes-away strategy. XD I love that strategy. It is a little unnerving, isn't it? But at least, reading this post, sir, I am a little encouraged. It feels like all of the Moving Business is moving at a snail's pace, carried only on the extremely competent and very exhausted soldiers of Mom (since you are at work, sir, and John and I are mostly rather useless). But things have been getting rather done! The boxes are more gone than they were!

    Now, to hide the not-safe safes... ;)

  2. True, the boxes are more gone than they were.

    The winds of time blow the grains of sand away on the breeze, yet the desert remains.

    The only thing Jeremy had problems moving was the fireproof, two-drawer file cabinet. Which is where I think I will now store all my valuables.