Monday, October 8, 2012

Bonus Post - The Future

Unfortunately I was pretty sick with a migraine on Sunday, so I didn't go to either church. (I have to write down somewhere to avoid Schlotsky's regular sandwich; I'm pretty certain it was the culprit.) What this means to my regular readers (both of you!) is that I don't have a summary of Pastor Ron's sermon for you. Sorry.
Metropolis - considered the first Futurist film
However, Darling and I attended a Prophecy Conference on Saturday at Calvary and it was fascinating. I have a Master's Degree in Studies of the Future (really, I have the diploma that says so and everything), and I have always been interested in Prophecy - well, since Satan is Alive and Well on Planet Earth by Hal Lindsay came out in 1972. Maybe even before that, but I have a bad memory for those sort of things.
In getting my Master's I always wondered how Prophecy fits into the discipline of Studies of the Future. Over the years I've come to my own conclusions, and I guess that's what I was looking for in the conference - a disciplined approach to what is coming in the future - our Future, the Future of the USA - based on Bible Prophecy. I didn't get what I was looking for.
We did get some fascinating information, though, and I'll share most of it in future posts! Ha! I'll ponder some more how I can use my degree and combine it with Bible prophecy.
One little tidbit and then I'll let this go. There are over 1000 distinct prophecies in the Bible; individual statements that predict (yes, predict, a word we studiously avoid in Studies of the Future) future events. Apparently about half of them have already occurred, exactly as predicted.
For instance, we live in a time when it seems normal that the Nation of Israel exists and is the home of the Hebrew (Jewish) people. Yet even Bible scholars as late as the early 1940s dismissed the prophecy that God would restore the nation of Israel and bring His people back to their land from all corners of the Earth. Most Bible scholars thought the prophecy was simply rhetorical. The Jewish people were scattered, mostly dispossessed, all over the world. At the very best the prophecy must mean that Israel will be restored in a spiritual sense.
In 1948 the prophecy was fulfilled, exactly as the Bible stated.
Yes, I think there should be some way to combine the discipline of Futurists to Prophecy. From a Futurist perspective, it certainly is easier to pinpoint a Future if you know what is going to happen.

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