Wednesday, December 12, 2012


I usually post on days that are Prime Numbers. Sometimes I make a Bonus Post, but usually that's because I have a burning desire to post something. That doesn't happen often (hence, the "Bonus").
So tomorrow is the Thirteenth of the month, so in America it's 12/13. In two years it will be 12/13/14, which is cool. Today, however, is 12/12/12, even in Europe, where they put the day first. Today, we are not confused (much). So today's post is in honor of TWELVE Day, which will not come again (at least not for me). So I'll post today instead of tomorrow.

Famous Twelves
There are Twelve Days of Christmas.
There are twenty-four hours in a day, which is two sets of twelve (and who decided that, I wonder?), so a clock has twelve numbers.
There are twelve months in a year.
AA has a twelve step program, an archetype followed by other organizations dealing with addictions.
There are twelve signs in the Zodiac.
There are twelve tribes in Israel, but I think ten of them are lost.
There were twelve disciples.
There were twelve angry men.
There were twelve monkeys.
There are twelve eggs in a carton (or I could have said twelve in a dozen).
Hercules had twelve labors.
Arthur had twelve knights at his Round Table (and himself).

Twelve things I am thankful for this year.
1. Darling's surgery went well and all the Cancer was removed.
2. I remained employed all year at my current job. I've had to do some different job functions, but that's okay. New skills are not that hard to acquire.
3. This was a Leap Year, so we had a Leap Day.
4. All five of our children are healthy, as is our son-in-law. That's vitally important.
5. Our youngest son turned eighteen and graduated from High School. I think that's an accomplishment, and always will. It wasn't too long ago in our society that many people did not finish High School.
6. Our youngest daughter got her College Degree. Again, that's quite an accomplishment. Welcome to the working world!
7. We moved from the house we lived in for a decade into something more suitable for us. That took a lot of work, including erasing a tree. Darling was a genius managing all the repair people for the new house.
8. Our old house sold. In this market, that's an accomplishment. Darling was amazing handling all that also.
9. We traveled to Michigan to see my Dad and two of my brothers. I wish we lived closer. My nieces and nephews are growing up and I missed it all.
10. My next younger brother turned fifty. That's a milestone, isn't it?
11. Darling and I published a book. It's a good book, useful and timely.
12. My Dad is pretty healthy still. He even went on a trip to Florida for vacation.

Any of those good things that happened might not have happened, except by the grace of God. There is one thing I am always thankful for, and that is God's presence in my life and in Darling's life. I guarantee you that God is a personal God.

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