Thursday, March 7, 2013

Blog Schedule

I know that I have a couple relatives who read my blog regularly (thanks, ml and my great kids and my awesome brothers and Wes) but I am pretty sure that's about it. I don't understand the stats page for Blogger, so I think what I'm looking at is probably the number of times I log on and correct typos. I don't think I'll create a big stir if I simply quit posting on my blog.
I won't entirely quit. The original schedule of posting on Prime Days just isn't working for me right now. I don't know what the issue is, exactly. It feels as if there are dark clouds hanging over my head, and I don't know exactly why.

So I'll try to post once or twice a week. Maybe I can get past this cloud that hovers over me. Even my happy place (Costa Rica) isn't very happy right now. I finished reading both of Nadine's books and decided I really like the luxury of the USA. I wonder if I can afford retirement here, though.
We all wonder that, don't we?

I ended up breaking this (rather long) post into three posts, since it was really three different topics, all tied into my dark mood. Since I'm able to back-date postings, the next two parts immediately follow this one.


  1. "We know not yet what we have done,still less what we are doing. Wait till evening and other parts of our day's work will shine than we had thought at noon, and we shall discover the real purport of our toil." Thoreau

  2. I remember a time in my life when I thought the clouds that darkened my world would never go away, but they did. God had his reasons for my dark days, and now I realize why. Please give yourself a break dear cousin, you are grieving for your father and I think still your beloved mother....and that is hard.
    I recall a line from a poem "when your father dies...your sun shifts forever. And you walk in his light." my prayers are with you, love ml

  3. but you just gotta finish the Brothers von CRApp story!!!!