Monday, March 18, 2013

Blogs I Read

I have three younger brothers, and two of them now have blogs.
My brother Dave has some interesting stories about our childhood. Don't drink anything while reading them - you might snort your beverage out your nose. I almost did. His blog is called "Dave Bernhardt's Blog" and he uses WordPress (sort of the advanced tool for posting blogs).
My youngest brother Tim just set his blog up. So far he hasn't posted much. I look forward to reading his future posts. He's a funny, funny guy and an excellent writer. He finished writing a book a few years ago and started a second one. I'm afraid I hurt his feelings when I reviewed them and he quit writing novels. Maybe he'll start again, but novels are a lot of hard work. His blog is called Brotilla the Hun. He tells a funny story about the name.
My next older brother Barry doesn't have a blog yet. If he started one it would probably be called Awesomeness or something.
My daughter Liz convinced me to start this blog a few years ago. She was in college and her instructor required them to have a blog for class. Once she had a blog she decided to start another one, and told me she was thinking of using one of my favorite phrases: O-Dark-Thirty. Of course that forced me to go create a blog with that name and I used my church speech on our Africa trip as my first post (still one of my favorites). She started another one after that, so she has three: Fairy Tale Fragments, The Smallest Hours and Writer's Block (which is specifically for a class, I think). I always look forward to her new posts. She's funny and her one on Being Scared always cracks me up (and makes me look over my shoulder for lurking ducks).
My sweet cousin Kathleen also has a blog called Kath's Creations, which I love to visit since she has pictures of relatives I haven't seen in a long time (or have never seen in a few cases). Grandma Jen was the linchpin that got everyone together in family reunions and that hasn't happened in decades. A lot changes in a few decades… Kath keeps me in touch, albeit virtually.
Darling has a blog also, but doesn't post to it. I posted to it a few times, so I guess it's sort of my second blog. I might re-purpose it for some thoughts I have on Bible, Religion and God. It's called Amazing Grace.
Most of us use Blogger. Tim and I just logged onto Blogspot and said "Make me a blog" or something, came up with a name, and off we went. Wordpress seems the more robust and configurable of the two ways to do a blog (I know of). There are a myriad of ways to track web site views with Wordpress. Blogger is much simpler - which appeals to me a lot, actually. That was my big draw for Blogger. I like simple.
I also follow the blogs of a couple other people, most notably James Altucher (for whom I wrote an app for iPhone and Droid - currently my only cross-platform app). His posts taught me more about writing posts than he can even imagine.
One of the funniest blogs I follow is Jason Janicki's Single Edge Studios Blog. Jason's sense of humor is bizarre, which, of course, appeals to me. He created an on-line comic that I read.
I look forward to hearing some of the stories of my brothers.
They just better be nice to me in them! 

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