Monday, May 27, 2013

Memorial Day and more

Except for me, my family is a military family. My Grandma Jen and Grandpa Mac served in WWII (that's where they met) as well as most of their brothers and sisters, my great Aunts and Uncles. My Grandpa Comfort served in Korea. My mother and father met while both were stationed in Virginia. My father served in Viet Nam as a medical corpsman. Each of my younger brothers served in the military. My youngest brother met his wife when they were both stationed in Panama.

My thanks to each of them, and my remembrance of what they've done for me. Freedom is not free. Over the centuries the freedoms we enjoy in this country were won by the blood and the innocence of our youngest, our best and our brightest. We will never know the true cost of the conflicts; those who died might have been otherwise destined to cure cancer, compose symphonies and write great literature.

Thank you. You are all my heroes.

Our Pastor said that our WWII vets are now in their eighties and few remain with us. Darling's mother died two years ago at the age of 85 and she fled World War II. I cover some of her early life in my latest book My Mother-in-Law Misadventures. The book is available on Amazon and Smashwords.

For the next four days the book is free on Smashwords.

The process is simple:

2. Create an account (unless you have one)

3. Find my book at this link

4. Check out and use the coupon code QC33S to make the book free.

5. Enjoy the book. Please write a review.

I broke down and created a Facebook account. Please feel free to "friend" me. Don't expect a lot of chit-chat though. I have my blog for that (and thanks for reading). On Facebook I simply plan to track my projects and put some pictures, probably old pictures. Darling is the one who puts the newer pictures out there. I will friend my family and readers. I don't know what else I'll do with it.

Yeah, I know I said I wanted to be the last one in the USA with a Facebook account, but my brother Barry said the same thing. He wins.

I'm a little sick today, just feeling under the weather. I am fighting an infection and the Doctor has me on some serious antibiotics. I don't even like reading the side effects.
So Darling is fussing over me - a cup of hot tea, put socks on my feet (I could have done that), covered me with a blanket, made me toast (and made me eat it because of the antibiotics) and then put a warm bed buddy behind my neck (if you don't know what a bed buddy is, well, you need one). I made a face when Darling finally got me situated to her satisfaction.
"Do you want me to quit fussing over you?" she asked.
"Yes," I quietly growled.
There was a pause as she sat down and put her feet up, then she grinned at me. "Well, too bad."

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