Thursday, May 2, 2013

Telegram to JFK

Darling's mother took her US citizenship seriously. She considered voting a right, a privilege and a duty. Among the many papers she left behind was a copy of a telegram she sent to Senator John F. Kennedy in 1960.

This will make it into The Frau Chronicles, near the final part of the bits about Young Hertha.

July 14, 1960
Senator John F. Kennedy
Washington, D.C.
Dear Senator: If you are man enough to take on the great responsibility for our nation, you should be big enough to make your own decisions without the Pope and fall on your knees to thank God for the honor placed upon you by your fellow Democrats and the favorite sons of our Nation. The Pope cannot help you, but God can. I am a friend of Lyndon Johnson and if you are elected in November I will support you - provided you don't ask for help from the Pope. Let me know right away where you expect to get your help. May God bless you and I hope you will make the right decision.

During all the years living with Frau I had no idea she thought so ... poorly ... of the Pope.

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