Wednesday, May 8, 2013

The Frau Chronicles

Young Frau - a 1940s glamour shot?
I'm putting the finishing touches on the book. I finished all major edits, with Darling's sweet help identifying some spots where I needed to be more ... nice.

All the pictures are in place that I plan to add. I am, in fact, not including the British papers mentioned in my previous post. I am actively trying to keep the file size down for the book. The pictures view well on the Kindle (my test file) but you can't zoom in and see great detail on any of them. I'll need to post them closer to their original scan size and provide readers a link to them.

So all that is left is administrative stuff (the LCCN and ISBN) which entails spending a little money, getting a good cover design (a little more money) and the technical aspects of generating a very clean and crisp e-book version.

{UPDATE} After a bit of discussion with Darling and some more reading, we decided to take a shot at the cover ourselves. If we make any money on the book at all (statistically we probably won't), then I can reinvest in a better cover at any time. So here's what my preliminary (version 2) cover looks like:


I want to release it on Amazon as an e-book and also make arrangements for a print-on-demand version of the book. I also plan to make it available on other e-book platforms, but haven't worked through those details yet.

I also want to get the last book (Preparing for the Fiscal Cliff) published on Smashwords for free, since we didn't expect to make money on it in the first place and I can't set the price to free on Amazon. I read that Amazon will see the FREE price and change the setting without my assistance. That will work fine for me.

Then I can move on to my other books. I have a number in progress, of course (some for more than a decade) and one children's book that occurred to me the other day. I really want to take a shot at that one.

Before I do that, though, I'll have to revisit my smartphone apps and do some updates. I see a busy month ahead, even after The Frau Chronicles is finally published.

In the meantime, I scanned a bunch of pictures yesterday and found this one. I love this photo.

The Lad and His Cat

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