Wednesday, September 25, 2013

My Smashwords Interview

As most of my readers know, Darling and I published our first book on Amazon last October. In Preparing for the Fiscal Cliff we outlined some of the issues facing our country at the beginning of 2013 and listed some ideas to protect yourself from the consequences of the government-induced Fiscal Cliff. As far as I know, we were the first book on Amazon to address the issue. Very few of those issues have been addressed by our representatives in Congress, so the book is still relevant. You can get a copy free from Smashwords, but it's still 99 cents on Amazon.
I published my book, My Mother-in-law Misadventures, on Smashwords last May, following it up with a version on Amazon shortly after.
Both books are available on Smashwords and Amazon now, and you can even get them in paperback. Indie publishing was quite a learning experience.
Smashwords just published an author's interview on me on their site. If you have other questions for me, please feel free to post them or drop me a line. I'd be glad to answer almost anything.
You can find copies of the book on Smashwords or on Amazon.

Just a personal note about the current, existing review on Amazon. There's only one - from my brother-in-law's wife, and she didn't even buy the book, but felt obliged to attack me personally. What fun. I didn't even add the stories about them into my book!

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