Thursday, October 3, 2013

iOS 7 on my iPhone 4S

If you don't have an iPhone, this post won't mean much. Sorry.
As a matter of fact, I'm going to focus on only one iPhone - the now free (with a contract) iPhone 4S. Apple™ removed the iPhone 5 from their product lineup, making it an instant classic device. There are two replacements for the iPhone 5 - the 5C and the 5S, or the Color and Supreme.
As you probably know, Darling and I each got an iPhone 4S back in August of 2011. Just a few months later, in October, someone stole her iPhone. She's been using an old iPhone 3GS every since. (Our contract is up soon, so we'll be changing phones and she'll get an upgrade. I'll sure post about all that when it happens.)
In the meantime, I still own a 4S and I wondered if I should upgrade to the new iOS 7. All the conventional wisdom says to wait a few weeks until Apple™ shakes out the bugs and releases the patch. Normally, I agree with that, but what issues might I face if I just do the upgrade?
I decided to just jump to the new iOS, so I installed it. (I also upgraded the iPad, but I don't carry that with me everywhere.)
My first impression is that the new iOS looks very clean. Darling isn't as impressed. She prefers the old look. So that's a matter of taste.
A buddy of mine decided to finally get a smart phone and he couldn't resist the new price, so he got an iPhone 4S.
What does the new iOS get me besides new icons? There's the question. I needed to do some research for myself and for my pal Wes.
I decided to write a book - iOS 7 and your iPhone 4S. It will be out in about two weeks, I think. Of course I'll let y'all know when it hits the Kindle store.
In Summary:
It's a completely new look for the iPhone, with some new features. Most notably (to me) is a Control Center that gives me quick access to functions I used to have to dig for. Now I can swipe up and press an icon to turn on/off my Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. Better yet, I can just tell Siri to do it. Finally, Siri is useful.
I like what I see so far, but my book will have more information on the features and how to use them

Do these right now

Go to Settings>Notification Center, turn on Today Summary

Go to Settings>Privacy>Location Services, turn on the "weather" switch. (Make sure Location Services is also turned on.) Turn off the things that don't need to know where you are. You can always turn them on later if you need to.

Go to Settings>General>Usage, turn on Battery Percentage

Go to Settings>Cellular, scroll down to "Use Cellular Data For:" and turn off apps you only want to use when you have Wi-Fi.

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