Tuesday, October 1, 2013


My friends who work for a government agency are unemployed today. Our military personnel, risking their lives, are being paid in IOUs.  Parts of my company will close.
You know who still gets paid?
Congress and the President.
We hired them to do a job. That's what elections used to be - hiring smart, efficient people to help run the government of the world's most prosperous country. Now elections are won by the people who spend the most money, money usually provided by special interest groups. During the election most candidates simply lie about what they plan to do for us. We vote for the man or woman who says they can give us the most bang for our buck.
Like Wal-Mart.
Here's the thing. We vote for the one who best convinces us. You know what we used to call people like that, back in the old days? Con men. Liars.
We used to avoid them.
Now they run our country.
And they get paid, while fellow citizens are unemployed. That's backward.

The Affordable Care Act isn't really the issue any more. Apparently it doesn’t matter that most of the US citizens don't want "Obamacare." Apparently it doesn't matter that Obamacare will cost the average wage earner thousands of dollars a year extra.

Our congressmen, Republicans AND Democrats, still get paid.

I'm a little bit angry about that. Every citizen should be. And Congress and the President should be ashamed. I'm sad to say most of them aren't.

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