Monday, December 9, 2013

Routine Maintenance

I like routine. Doing the same things in the same order at the same time every day is soothing to me, and almost vital to being functional and productive.

That's one of the reasons that thoughts of retirement frighten me a little. It's one of the main reasons that I have such a hard time going on vacation. I'm much more comfortable in a vacation tour, like the trip we took to Israel. Everything was scheduled.

If I can't have routine, a schedule is a nice substitute.

Current society celebrates spontaneity. I have a tough time with spontaneity, unless it's scheduled in advance.

Here's my morning routine:

Wake up about 5AM. That can vary, but usually not by more than fifteen minutes. I don't set my alarm clock any more. Even my subconscious likes routine.

Take care of bodily necessities. (You figure that one out.)

In this order: apply deodorant, brush my teeth, fill a glass with water, take my pills with a few swallows of water, pour the water over my unruly morning hair, apply some sort of sticky stuff to my hair, brush my hair, put on shirt, put on pants, put on belt, tip-toe to the dresser to get my phone off the charger, put phone in right front pocket, grab some socks from the drawer, turn off the bathroom light, quietly open the bedroom door, slip through, quietly close the door, turn on the left kitchen light, put on socks, wallet in left front pocket, pick up car keys, gather lunch, turn off kitchen light, turn on foyer light, put on boots, turn off foyer light, get in car, take one of two routes to work (depending on how the lights fall).

Get any of those out of order and I struggle a bit.

On Thursday morning I stop and get gas in the car, whether it needs it or not.

There are a few variables, but they are situational. Get a coat and scarf if it's cold. Stop by McDonald's if I'm really hungry and/or want coffee.

They key things here, of course, are applicable to everyone.

Put the deodorant on. Nobody wants to smell your sweat. It just isn't attractive.

That's doubly true for your breath. Brush your teeth. If you have a problem with bad breath, use mouthwash as well. Chew gum.

Brush your hair. Do something with it! That tousled look goes well with your spouse in certain situations, but when you're facing the world, do it with neat hair.

Oh, and don't go naked into the world. There's a reason we all have that naked/in your underwear nightmare dream. (What? That's only me?)

So be clean, smell nice and look neat. Those are good rules and my routine helps me do all that with a minimum of brain activity.

Do you have a routine?

Should you?

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