Thursday, February 20, 2014

National African American History Month

I just received a notice of a Presidential Proclamation -- National African American History Month, 2014. I'm glad for the proclamation, but does that mean it is only for 2014? I think it should be celebrated every year.

My friend Jaki Rivon's poetry book ON THE WINGS: COLLECTIVE WORKS OF POETRY has a couple amazing poems in it that fit this theme: The Signature of a Black Man and The Signature of a Black Woman, two of my favorite poems in the book!

Both her books are now available as e-books on Amazon, published by our own company Undefined Logic, LLC (creators of the awesome iOS app Techno-Jargon!).
We'll get them available pretty soon in print as well, though if you want a printed copy, Jaki has some at her home and she would be delighted to sign a copy for you!
To order signed copies of either book
Call 713-436-3227
or e-mail

I love both her books, but Amazon won't let me post a review of either one. Tsk.

One more note. I know I'm leaving the blog languish, but my readership is low (though loved - thank you, Mary!) and blogs do take time. Plus I haven't a lot to say that I haven't already said. You know me as well as I do, now.

Our Pastor retired and left the church a few months ago. We have an interim Pastor. A few weeks after he arrived he announced that the church would help anyone interested obtain a Concealed Handgun License. The class is planned for next month.

He fears for our church because of violence done in other churches. He wants to have a group of church members with CHL's in church on Sunday (with guns) in case some stray person walks in and threatens us. I like the idea, but in my mind I see it going like this.

Odd person walking into the sanctuary with a gun. (Are they planning robbery? We think not; we suspect it is only violence toward the members.)

Two dozen people pull out concealed handguns and confront the odd person.

I think we'd get a donation out of that…