Thursday, June 12, 2014

Is our Nation Just or Legalistic?

The government is intimidating and harassing my youngest brother. The justice system that he served for over twenty years (as a corrections officer) turned on him and ruined his finances, his future and his life. Gone is the cheerful smile that I remember as we grew up, gone the man who sought ways to help his community and others. "Guilty until proven innocent" now makes him a recluse, even from his own family.

I used to have faith in our government and our justice system. I'll grant that my faith in the American way slowly eroded over my almost sixty years, but it entirely collapsed when unknown people drove my brother to despair in the name of the law, but certainly not in the name of justice.

Citing justice, they practice oppression. Where are the freedoms our forefathers fought for? My youngest brother served in the military, as did my other two brothers. My father retired as a Navy chief. My mother served in the Navy when she was young. The  men and women who shed blood for our freedoms are now being hounded by the very government they served.

My brother isn't the first, but he won't be the last.

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