Thursday, July 24, 2014


I saw it on Google, on Twitter, on the news… but the beauty simply made me want to post it on my blog also.
Marvel Comics. Essentially FREE for a month (just skip a cup of coffee).

Even WIRED reported it as "You Can Now Pay 99 Cents to Read 15,000 Marvel Comics Online" and so I share it with you.

Sure, you only get access for a month, but what a month! Put Netflix movies on hold. Set those novels aside. Crank up your computer or tablet and read thousands of Marvel comics by spending less than a dollar (the same amount you need to get off that crazy Candy Crush level - c'mon, you know you do it once in a while).

My eldest son is a comic EXPERT - really - and is slowly becoming a human comic collage as his finances and his tattoo artist can get around to it. Too bad he is not able to enjoy this deal right now. I think he'd love it.

I'm going to go read comics now - and remember what fun I had spending a dime on them the first time around.


Yeah, not quite the same quality art as modern comics...

One more thing: If you want to go read a whole lot of really OLD comics - yeah, the kind I read as a kid, thanks, and please stop the dinosaur jokes (dinosaurs were no joke back then), you can read them free at The Digital Comic Museum, bless their hearts. 

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