Thursday, August 21, 2014

One Christian Point

I have a lot of discussions about religion with a lot of different people, some Christian (as I am) and some not.

Both Catholic and Protestant Christian Bibles teach that Jesus Christ is the only path to God the Father. Though I believe that, I will never pressure someone to believe as I believe - belief is an intensely personal choice. The Bible also says that if you truly seek you will find, and I stand on that one.

In recent posts I raise questions that seem to dismay people:

Can Salvation, once accepted, be lost? (I don't know, and all arguments, for either side, seem circular to me.)

Why would a benevolent God allow such suffering? (I don't know. I think this world is under the control of Satan, though, and that the non-suffering is God's grace to us.)

Which do you believe: Pre-Trib, Mid-Trib or Post-Trib Rapture? (I don't know. I tend to lean toward No Rapture, but that is an upcoming book, so I'll leave it at that.)

What is the nature of God? (Most people would say God is Love, but that's not it. God is Holy.)

Is the Bible true? (Yes, absolutely, and if you pick and choose from the Bible what you want to be true, you're writing your own book, and Jesus took a dim view of that [jots and tittles sort of thing]. But some of the Bible is allegorical and some not, and I don't always know which is which.)

The theme in all my discussions is "I don't know."

HOWEVER, there is one point I cannot compromise as a Christian, and it really isn't about religion. It's about a relationship, and it is the key and cornerstone of Christianity. We can disagree on all else and I don't mind.

That one point is Jesus Christ and Him crucified.

All other things I will discuss and debate. Not this point.

There is no other focus for a Christian. Fighting about everything else is simply a way to obfuscate the simple truth that Jesus Christ died for our sins, that every time I do something evil in this world I cause Jesus more pain as he suffered and died on the cross.

I used to avoid doing wrong because I didn't want to be punished.

Now I don't want to do wrong because He took the punishment.

Jesus the Christ suffered for my sins willingly. He did it for me. He did it for everyone, whether you believe or not.

I believe it.

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