Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Hunting August Moon - Published!

I just published my first full-length novel. If you read my blog regularly, you know about it.

Writing the description - making people want to buy the book? Sales? Marketing? Those are hard for me to do.

My original description followed the normal formula - and it even bored me! From now on, if you ask me what my book is about, this is my answer:

It's about a mad doctor trying to take over a post-apocalyptic world and the good people who try to stop him. What else should a great book be about?

I did write what I consider to be a much better sales description, which I just posted tonight.

Forget the patter telling you about the plot. Here's what you need to know: zombies, apocalypse, vampires, Las Vegas, werewolves and a mad doctor.

The plot revolves around people: August Moon, who isn't what he seems - or maybe he is. His brother Lone Wolf. Claire, the statuesque Egyptian goddess. Jed and Maddie, the best love story since Princess Bride (well, no, not really - but close). Sam who is more than he appears, and he readily admits it. Nancy who doesn't take crap from anyone, especially the charming vampire Tomas, who has his own secrets. The sharpshooter Caru, who does love the women. Red Fae, who deserves her own book after being in this one (and she'll get it).

Some of those are bad, bad people, but none as bad as Dr. M.D. Davenfeld, who will stop at nothing to find August and get him back, because...

What? You want me to tell you the whole book?

From the book:
"Hi," smiled Abe. "I'm Abe. You can call me Abe…" his forehead crinkled in concentration, "Well, 'cuz that's my name and I don't think I'd answer if you called me anything else."
"Oh, brother," muttered Sarah.
"Hello?" Wilson's voice was quieter now. "Is anyone out there?"

You can get this fabulous novel on Amazon or Smashwords.

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