Monday, April 20, 2015

Early Retirement Blogs (and a few others)

I follow a number of retirement blogs that focus on early retirement, and a few on other retirement options (mostly overseas). It occurred to me that others might not only be looking for good blogs (besides mine ;).

Joe Udo's blog Retire by 40 is one of my favorites. Joe consistently lays his finances out there for everyone to see, which is genius if you ask me. And brave.

I don't know his real name (if it is in the blog, I missed it) but the blog of Mr. Money Mustache is awesome and full of mind-blowing concepts - like smarten up and spend less. Except he's a bit more cranky about it - and twenty years younger than I am.

I just started reading Justin's blog at Root of Good and I can tell I'll be spending some time reading the back posts. Fascinating guy with a lot of good ideas on retiring early. His experiences don't parallel mine, so for me it's entirely new insights. He says he gets about 50,000 pageviews a month! Wow.

I'll admit now that I get International Living's magazine and have for years. I do take what they say with a grain of salt, though. We know people that live in some of the countries they cover on a regular basis and I think IL writes in a very optimistic style. Having said that, they are a fascinating read and their web site might be worth a visit.

On non-retirement sites, I follow Rants and Rambles. Nate Boateng doesn't write a lot, but he posts items from other sites that catch his interest - and they are often interesting to me, as well. I'm appreciative of all the reading he must do to find the good ones...

I think everyone in the world follows the blog of Tim Ferriss. Man, I sure wish the guy read (and liked) my books. Well, I like his books - and I like his blog.

I also follow the blog of Wil Wheaton (repeat comment on Tim Ferris, above). So does everyone who ever watched STTNG. Even the ones who didn't like Wesley Crusher.

Along the same lines I follow the blog of James Altucher. He almost always has something interesting to say. I once wrote an app just to follow him - I called it the James Altucher Portal. It was on both platforms for a while - Apple and Droid. It isn't there any longer, but I'll put it back when I clean up the coding. The site I used to help me do the app now costs too much and puts too many of their own ads on the app. It was embarrassing.

I just won't post an app unless I would be willing to use it.

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