Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Nutrisystem Monday - Day 1

I'm trying Nutrisystem. They had a pretty good offer, a week introductory package for $49, so I thought, well, why not? I sure need to lose weight and my trip to Ecuador didn't drop any pounds.

So I'll track the days here, and my comments.

Started yesterday. My weight when starting? 245 lbs. That's a lot, and it took a bit to type that into the public record. Fortunately, I don't think anyone reads my blog any more! So I guess this is just for me. For the Nutrisystem web site I have a starting weight of 250, which is what I weighed when I got back from Ecuador. An entire year of dieting on my own wiped out in mere weeks! I was down to 235 at one point, so that was really discouraging.

Anyway the Nutrisystem (I'm just going to abbreviate that as NS from now on) package arrived. Sadly, the box was MUCH smaller than I hoped. I guess that explains a lot.

Yesterday was Day One. I made some stiff coffee and used one of the gift cups from Ramon and his lovely wife in Ecuador.

Here's breakfast:
I didn't eat both of them. Darling had one for herself. There is a lot of almond milk in the cereal, but it needed it. I have to say, it tasted okay, but I'm guessing that was the brown sugar. Otherwise it was ... adequate.

And small.

I had more coffee and some water.

I didn't eat lunch from the NS box. We made cabbage soup over the weekend. That means I put a head of cabbage, four yellow summer squash, a cucumber, some mushrooms and an onion into a pot and boiled them. At the time we had no chicken broth, so the resulting soup was bland, but I added a bit of Texas Pete to mine. Hot sauce is free.

Darling added some broth to it on Sunday, but it still has very few calories. I didn't think to take a picture of the cabbage soup. No great loss there.

In the middle of the day I split a can of coke with Darling. Yeah, it's calories. I included it in my eating list. Listen, I wouldn't be the first person to drink my meals, so back off.

Okay, I had some potato chips, too. I'd rather eat them than throw them away. Yes, I included them in my food list, and the calories jumped a lot.

For dinner we split a salad, but if there was dressing on it I didn't taste it.

We then heated up the NS Meat Lasagna, garnished with some steamed broccoli (no butter!). Ignoring the beans (BEANS! In Lasagna!), it tasted okay. Again, I think the portion is a bit small, but I see a trend here. I did, in fact, lick the little bowl clean. Call me a dog. I don't care.

Later in the evening I had a SMALL root beer float. We didn't have much vanilla ice cream left, so we had to use it up, didn't we? I included that in my totals, also.

Nutrisystem has another website where you track all you eat, called NuMi (sound it out - funny!). So here's Monday's summary.

So now it's Tuesday morning. I had coffee and a NS bagel (you'll see it tomorrow), and yeah, I'm a little hungry. I'll just drink a little more water and go write something where my character is eating an entire deer roasted over an open fire.

With mushrooms and gravy...

More to come.


  1. Sounds like a hungry life, dear father. I don't think I'd make that trade...

  2. Well, a hungry day, dear. I don't think it will become a hungry life. See the next post and you'll see...