Saturday, July 30, 2016

Nutrisystem Friday - Day 5

Ooooh, can you say BAD BOY?

'Cuz that's what I was on my fifth day of Nutrisystem, and the day I decided this just wasn't for me. But I have a plan! Keep reading...

I had two pieces of wheat toast for breakfast. That wasn't so bad. Let's keep in mind that the weather here all week has been stormy, so that gave me a low-grade headache that I just couldn't shake.

Then we made a field trip to Fry's so I could pick up a little computer that was on sale.

Aside: The reasoning for this comes from the Ecuador trip. A few months ago I bought a Surface tablet, which I really like (I still like my iPad, too, but for different reasons). I thought the Surface would be a good, light computer to take with me on trips. It is, but not outside the country, I don't think. The few pounds it weighs becomes oppressive when I carry it everywhere, which I did because I didn't want to ... misplace ... it if I left it in my hotel room. Things happen, you know. So this Fry's computer runs Windows 10 (on 1GB RAM, which astounds me, but it runs slowly, so that makes sense) and weighs a quarter of the Surface. AND if it disappeared on a trip outside the country, I wouldn't be crying about it. There you have it.

So, a field trip to Fry's and I was HUNGRY when we left.

We stopped at Chick Fil A for lunch. Want to know how to toss a calorie-counting diet out the window? Fast food does it with elegance. And salt. And sugar.

Whopping total for my Spicy chicken sandwich, waffle fries and soda? Just about a thousand calories (1000 calories) for the single meal. Wow.

I didn't take a picture.

I did take a picture of the NS dinner I ate, the Rotini and Meatballs. It was actually tasty, so that's good.

The bottom line for the day was still only 27 calories over budget, and I was careful about including everything.

So what's my current diet plan. Well, I'll update my weight on Monday, for better or worse. Then I'm going to start researching the frozen foods at the store and see if I can develop a frozen food menu that will satisfy me (mostly) and still keep the calories down. In my case I will need to avoid a few trigger items; nitrates and mono-sodium glutamate (MSG) trigger migraines, but maybe I'll do all the research and then remove the foods that might give me problems.

Then I'll share my research. Probably not totally free, but you know me - I write cheap books, and this seems like a subject that might work for other people besides me.

And I'll keep counting calories and reporting, but it won't be NS meals. I have nothing against the company, and the ideas seem good, but the prices seem high. Maybe I'll prove that wrong when I'm researching at the grocery store! We'll see.

More to come.

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