Friday, July 29, 2016

Nutrisystem Thursday - Day 4

Thursday morning I had two of the NS breakfasts instead of one. I skipped dinner Wednesday night (though I had my day full of calories anyway), so I was hungry by morning.

I had the blueberry muffin and the breakfast bar. Surprisingly (to me) they both tasted good.

For lunch we broke open the NS Three Cheese Chicken and followed the instructions on the package. Since it didn't even fill up half the cup, we each added broccoli to it. It was tasty, but small.

Sometime during the day I had the NS snack cookies and half a coke. The cookies were sort of good, though I thought they were dry. The nutty flavor helped.
For dinner we had the NS chicken pot pie. That's not really what it is. It is more of a chicken soup in a little container and then you add a crusty cracker to the top after you microwave it. It tasted okay.

By night time I had to have a snack, so I had some yogurt and then had a tortilla with a slice of cheese. I added both of those to the totals.

So here's the damage for the day.

So though I sort of pigged out, I still was under my calorie count. Again, I think I might do just as well choosing the right foods from the market. It seems that portion size is the key - and in Texas, that certainly is an issue!

More to come.

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