Thursday, July 28, 2016

Nutrisystem Wednesday - Day 3

After Tuesday night's pizza, Wednesday morning seemed easy. Oh, look! NS has a chocolate covered doughnut for breakfast!

I took a bite and it was terrible. Absolutely, the worst doughnut I ever ate. Maybe that is why they call it a "donut," but I think I'll rename it as a "DO NOT" because that is the last time I'll eat it. Ever. It was so bad, I took Darling's bowl of almond milk and put the donut into it to finish it, hoping to make it edible. On my third bite I bit into this little charm.
To give you some idea how my mind works, I thought it was a toy prize inside. Darling laughed at that. I didn't bite through it, but I sure did feel it on my teeth.

So how old is this "DONOT" if they have to include this in the packaging?

I had some coffee with breakfast and then went on a small spree of drinking water while I did some video editing in my study. Around noon Darling came and asked what we were going to do for lunch. She looked so sad I said

"Let's go out!"

So much for discipline.

Off we went to Jason's deli. They have an awesome salad bar.

I really like my pickles and olives, which is horrible salt intake and I know I overdid it on the salad dressing. Funny thing is that NS doesn't seem to care much about the salt content of their packaged items, though the literature gives you cautions about salt intake. At Jason's they have a lunch special that is a half sandwich and you can add the salad bar. I had the Papa Joe.

To be fair, I did choose the regular potato chips, but I only ate a few of them. 

The Papa Joe: 580 cal Dedicated to our Founder's Dad. Roasted turkey breast, Asiago, roasted tomatoes, fresh basil pesto, mayo, toasted on herb focaccia bread.

Half a sandwich would be 290 calories. The sandwich was terrific. I had a little more salad, but that was mostly lettuce and jalapenos. By the time I finished lunch I was stuffed.

The positive take on eating out is that Darling always drinks a lot of water. The negative is the cost. I think we spent about $18 for the two lunches.

Not that I minded. I was full for the rest of the day. I did have about 16 ounces of Dr. Pepper during the afternoon, but I'm beginning to think that is a direct result of hyper salt intake.

I did the best I could entering the information, and I'm sure the calorie count is a bit low, but not by much. So here it is.

I see what NS is doing - they limit the size of the portions. I'm not sure they care about the nutritional aspects as much as the total calorie count, and that's fair since the program is designed to lose weight. I don't know if they care about the taste either.

We'll finish the box, and I'll keep you posted.

More later.

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