Thursday, August 4, 2016

Training Log

Gym Workout - Wednesday, 03-Aug-2016

The Lad has a workout log of his own, so I thought I'd give it a try. His is much more intense, but I'm old now, and only do a few weight-lifting things. Most weight lifters would probably say I don't do any!

All my weight lifting, with the exception of bench, is done with machines.
Bench Press - 12x95, 10x145, 5x145

Bicep curls - Inward 20x35, 12x50, 12x55, 12x65, 12x60, Straight 12x35, 12x50
Tricep Extension - 12x70, 12x80, 12x90
Tricep Machine - 12x50, 12x60,12x65
Tricep Pushdown - 20x140, 12x150, 12x175, 12x150, 12x140
Lat Pulldowns - 12x100, 12x100,12x100
Pec Deck - 12x100, 12x100, 12x100
Pec Cable - 10x35, 10x35, 10x35

He was confused by Straight and Inward bicep curls, as he should be. That note is for myself. You see, the machine handles have that V-shape to them. When my hand are on the V-shape, that's inward and works the thickness of my biceps. I can see those results. There is also a wider grip if I use the straight portion of the bar. That's the difference.

I asked the Lad for comments, and this is what he wrote:

This all looks really good. Lots of volume. The only things I'd say is make sure you're hitting your shoulders (all 3 heads) and legs, and make sure you're wearing out the muscles as best you can on compounds and not isolations (pulldowns, bench press, military press, etc.) and then supplement with the isolations to wear out the smaller. Arm size will come first and foremost from working compounds. But for the most part this a solid back/chest workout. I'd probably integrate one more back exercise, maybe two- pretty much any pulling motion. I'm really glad you shared this!Also, for a list of exercises, if you're interested...

(Since it is now Thursday morning, I'll admit that my muscles are sore, the result of not going to the gym in a month. Pain pills. More rest. Complain a lot. That's my solution!)

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